Future Plans

Special weekend Coaching classes

We are planning to introduce special weekend residential coaching classes for the selected economically backward and academically weaker students (10th, 11th & 12th std) from neighbouring Govt. Schools.

Free Medical Camps

Organise free medical camps in collaboration with private and govt. hospitals in different rural pockets.

Formal Diploma & Degree courses

The discussion is in progress to launch into more formal courses for the benefit of the rural and marginalized youth in and around this district. The main goal is to make available quality education at affordable cost within their easy reach.

Thurumbers and Gypsies

We want to reach out to these socially neglected, ostracised and downtrodden groups, by creating leaders among them, assist in starting women self-help groups, motivate them to educate their children, mobilize scholarships for higher education etc.

Sri Lankan Refugees

We want to give a special focus to the Sri Lankan Refugees around this district especially to the three camps which are within our easy reach. We want to assist the youth in a special way and empower them with some specific skills which will enable them to find suitable jobs and thereby live a dignified life.